Blog Post Páyaq Napni Yáw

While sitting in the lounge the other day, sipping a double-bagged cup of peppermint tea and cautiously nibbling on a clearly expired slice of pizza, I witnessed a rather peculiar and frightening conversational exchange. My flatmate (a musician) had graciously invited her friend over (also a musician) for a home-cooked meal that appeared to smell […]

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Blog Post Páyaq Napni Shwi

Upon leaving Martin Patrick’s masterclass on posthumanism, I couldn’t help but shed a smile as I realised the most salient theme that had been procured from the morning was that chairs have feelings too. While there is some basic truth in this sentiment, it seems to be an erroneous oversimplification of what it means to […]

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Blog Post Páyaq Napni Nis

I have been unable to bring myself to describe something as beautiful for a very long time. Those three syllables rarely leave my mouth and when they do it’s more often than not because I have been prompted to utter them after succumbing to the peer pressures of certain social normative contexts rather than willingly […]

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Blog Post Páyaq Napni Nuqut

Whilst perusing through Bryce Galloway’s unabashedly jocular exhibition at Toi Pōneke, “four songs, played twice”, my initial exuberance for the show gradually dissipated as I was struck with a sudden pang of melancholic nostalgia upon encountering an object that I believed to be long since extinct. For a moment my eyes deceived me and if […]

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Blog Post Páyaq

Listening to Anne Nobel and Anna Brown share their experiences regarding artistic collaboration with one another was smile-inducing to say the least. One could not help but notice the beautifully enduring relationship that the two had forged in the fires of a collaborative project; evident not only within the nuances of their speech and demeanour […]

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Blog Post Pásukokun

I forgot how much I loved cheese. Melted cheese in particular. The copious amounts of lasagne on offer during lunch at the Hōngongo Hui kindly reminded me of its comforting embrace. It wasn’t necessarily the cheese, however, that was solely responsible for the swelling of warmth emanating from within my belly. There was a tangible […]

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Blog Post Shwôsk

With the thesis proposal fast approaching I thought I would look through relevant past material I have written to gain some inspiration. I have always had an affinity with creative writing and plan on incorporating elements of it within my academic writing over the next year. Here is an excerpt from a previously undeveloped thesis […]

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Blog Post Nisôsk

The weekend of the Haratua Hui loomed just around the corner and the copious amounts of peppermint tea I was ingesting did nothing to soothe the anxieties I was feeling at the thought of having to present my creative work at an open crit. I think I spent more time on the toilet than in […]

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Blog Post Qutôsk

“Capital is the ‘unnameable Thing’, the abomination, which primitive and feudal societies ‘warded off in advance’” This description of capitalism as a ‘dark potentiality which has haunted all previous social systems’ conjured up some pretty grotesque impressions within my mind. Amongst them was a rather large and brooding depiction of John Carpenter’s the Thing rampaging […]

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Blog Post Nupáw

Joint attention is a concept that has seemed to continuously arise throughout my career; though I did not necessarily recognize or understand it by that name at the time. Andre’s talk was both informative and reassuring in assessing my own comprehension of joint attention and how it has exhibited itself during both current and past […]

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