Blog Post Nisôsk

The weekend of the Haratua Hui loomed just around the corner and the copious amounts of peppermint tea I was ingesting did nothing to soothe the anxieties I was feeling at the thought of having to present my creative work at an open crit. I think I spent more time on the toilet than in […]

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Blog Post Qutôsk

“Capital is the ‘unnameable Thing’, the abomination, which primitive and feudal societies ‘warded off in advance’” This description of capitalism as a ‘dark potentiality which has haunted all previous social systems’ conjured up some pretty grotesque impressions within my mind. Amongst them was a rather large and brooding depiction of John Carpenter’s the Thing rampaging […]

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Blog Post Nupáw

Joint attention is a concept that has seemed to continuously arise throughout my career; though I did not necessarily recognize or understand it by that name at the time. Andre’s talk was both informative and reassuring in assessing my own comprehension of joint attention and how it has exhibited itself during both current and past […]

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Blog Post Yáw

Up until this point in my creative practice, matters of legal, ethical and moral concern have been rather infrequent if not non-existent. Upon reflection it seems that not only did situations dealing with these principles rarely arise, I never even consciously thought about the ramifications that my work would elicit at the time. Making mostly […]

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Blog Post Shwi

For someone who seems to be frequently perceived as a certified melomaniac, I didn’t find myself listening to much music during our visit to The Adam Art Gallery’s show, ‘Passages’, on Friday afternoon. This wasn’t at all to do with a lack of interest regarding the exhibition; rather my entire mode of listening was consumed […]

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Blog Post Nis

As I was sitting around the edge of the group circle (what felt more like a bunch of adolescents gathered around a campfire sharing their deepest worries in the safety of the flame’s warmth and occasionally rewarding their bravery with a scrumptious s’more) I noticed myself becoming increasingly distracted from the conversation at hand. It […]

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Blog Post Nuqut

If there is one word that best describes how I felt after listening to Frances Whitehead’s talk last Friday it would be anxious. This also seems to be the reoccurring theme of the week as I get to know more about my fellow MFA students and the anxieties we all share, the familiar burdens we […]

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