Blog Post Yáw

Up until this point in my creative practice, matters of legal, ethical and moral concern have been rather infrequent if not non-existent. Upon reflection it seems that not only did situations dealing with these principles rarely arise, I never even consciously thought about the ramifications that my work would elicit at the time. Making mostly […]

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Blog Post Shwi

For someone who seems to be frequently perceived as a certified melomaniac, I didn’t find myself listening to much music during our visit to The Adam Art Gallery’s show, ‘Passages’, on Friday afternoon. This wasn’t at all to do with a lack of interest regarding the exhibition; rather my entire mode of listening was consumed […]

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Blog Post Nis

As I was sitting around the edge of the group circle (what felt more like a bunch of adolescents gathered around a campfire sharing their deepest worries in the safety of the flame’s warmth and occasionally rewarding their bravery with a scrumptious s’more) I noticed myself becoming increasingly distracted from the conversation at hand. It […]

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Blog Post Nuqut

If there is one word that best describes how I felt after listening to Frances Whitehead’s talk last Friday it would be anxious. This also seems to be the reoccurring theme of the week as I get to know more about my fellow MFA students and the anxieties we all share, the familiar burdens we […]

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